Wednesday, June 6, 2012

San Francisco Coffee 15th Anniversary

Salam semua,

Pagi-pagi lagi dah dapat email dari building management Menara Citibank yg harini San Frans ada bg free coffee..apalagi ramai la yg turun p dapatkn kopi tu....
Sampai lobi ....fuh...punya la ramai yg beratur nak dapatkan kopi percuma tu.....daddy pun join la sekali hehehehehehe...............layan.....

'' Dear Tenants,
 Please note the below promotion and event by San Francisco Coffee in conjunction with their 15th Anniversary.
 Today there will give Free Coffee to all tenant. Please see the attached pdf for more detail.''


San Francisco is giving away free coffee

San Francisco is celebrating 15th Birthday on 6 June 2012
and to kick off all the birthday happenings,
they are giving away coffee for an entire day
absolutely free
@ All San Francisco Outlets, All Day

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